No Attack on Lebanon… Support Democratic Voices



The ruling powers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tried to force the resignation of the prime minister of Lebanon. There are strong indications that the Trump administration has encouraged the Saudi kingdom’s aggressive regional maneuvers and this has raised the unthinkable prospect of another civil war there.  Israeli strategic plans for another war against Hezbollah forces are openly talked about in the Israeli press. Any attack on Lebanon is inexcusable.

The Saudi kingdom that has always been ruled by a single royal family now is on the road to becoming a one-man tyranny.  It is being taken over by a despot whose hands are full of blood from his terrible war and now genocidal siege of Yemen.  Israel has committed the war crime of aggression against Lebanon repeatedly and has caused tens of thousands of casualties.  Neither country has any business in Lebanese affairs.

Unfortunately we cannot merely call for solidarity with the Lebanese government.  Hezbollah which in the past had received general admiration for its defense of the country from Israeli attacks has for sectarian reasons shamefully collaborated in the sieges, fighting and destruction in Syria and even now has thousands of fighters in that country.  The Lebanese government as a whole has treated Palestinian refugees in Lebanon shamefully, not allowing them basic human rights.

As these reactionary and sectarian forces struggle for power the only sure thing is that average Lebanese will suffer and die from a new war.

We denounce the Saudi Arabian and Israeli governments’ threats against Lebanon and call on international bodies to warn them against any intervention.

We call on Hezbollah to remove all its forces from Syria immediately and concentrate on the defense and welfare of Lebanon

We call on the Lebanese government to grant fair treatment to Palestinian refugees, to allow them to work and own property and to allow them to participate in the defense of their camps and of Lebanon as a whole.  Syrian refugees should likewise be treated properly.

We pledge full support to voices and forces in Lebanon speaking out for human rights, peace, democracy and equality.

​adopted 11/28/2017