Keep Assad and Iran out of Daraa


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When democratic military forces left Daraa in the southwest of Syria the agreement brokered by Russia severely limited the return of the regime’s military and security forces.  In return the rebels submitted.  As of mid-May it appears Assad forces and Iranian troops and Iranian puppet forces are mobilizing for an attack. 

In an interview on the Carnegie Middle East site by Michael Young, Armenak Tokmajyan  says, "former rebels in Tafas and surrounding areas are well armed. If a military confrontation were to take place, there could be high levels of violence."

Activists are trying to pressure Putin and Assad to live up to their words and leave Daraa alone.  Make a sign that says #Act4Daraa and take a photo or selfie and post to social media.  Contact federal and state politicians.   

"India: Issues of Life and Death" - Swati Birla

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Employer-Based Insurance Leaving Millions in the Cold


25 to 43 million to lose employer health insurance in U.S. Medicare for All now a necessity


May 2020

With the huge increase in unemployment in recent months tens of millions of people are losing their health insurance.  At the start of March 2020 about 160 million people in the U.S. had health insurance through the job of a family member.  Now an estimate from the Robert Woods Foundation says that 25 to 43 million people will lose their insurance because of a family member layoff. 

One approach being taken is to go to City Councils and call for resolutions supporting immediate Medicare for All 

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Remove Sanctions on Iran, but...


Shiyam Nabila Ghalyoun of the War Resisters League and Sina Zekavat  in a War Resisters League video

Employer-Based Insurance Leaving Millions in the Cold


The Climate Emergency Didn't Disappear Just Because We Have a Pandemic Emergency

The U.N. and virtually all reputable scientists say we have to cut back 50% in the carbon we're throwing into air by 2030 or face catastrophes that may be permanent.

  • No more fossil fuel facilities. No coal, no oil, no "natural gas".  Not one.
  • Stop all subsidies to the fossil fuel companies
  • Don't burn garbage or food products for fuel
  • 100% renewable
  • Rewilding is the best way to capture carbon
  • Listen to the wisdom of the indigenous
  • Local Sourcing, Not Globalization

 Climate Change Challenges: Support the Environment or the U.S. Military? - Kathy Kelly 

 May 14 Rising Tide Action in Albany, NY 

 When We Fight, We Fuck Shit Up: Keystone XL and Delegitimizing Fossil Fuels -by Scott Parkin 


Obama in 2013 - We Will Go to War to Get Oil

The Military Assault on the World's Climate

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